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The Sundial Project

Summer 2021

A sundial is a fascinating instrument that tells time by using the position of the sun.

The children can learn about the concepts of time and direction (finding North), as well as the history behind sundials: man’s early attempts at keeping time.

Through this activity, they understand key concepts of space science, studying the relationship between the earth rotation and the sun, as well as learning a little bit about astronomy and nature, with interesting outdoors activities to get involved in, such as designing and testing sundials.

Creating together a human sundial which is a sustainability-related dynamic learning tool, was an opportunity to share their resources with others in the neighborhood and the community.

We believe this workshop gave the children precious knowledge and understanding about the world around them.

(The Sundial Project was created and organised by us. It took place at Carul Mare in 06-07.07.2021. The project was financed by Fondul Științescu Sibiu 4.2, Științescu Sibiu. We had a special partnership with Serious Wood for the wood materials. We want to thank Stefan Cretu and Kinderhilfe für Siebenbürgen e.V., for trusting us with the kids.)